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    The Best Suvs for Sale 2013 

The Best Suvs for Sale 2013

What is the Best SUV?  Where to find the Best Deals on SUVs?

 The number of SUV's vying for the best SUV in 2013, are many and varied. While the Toyota Landcruiser Diesel is said to win hands down, there are other impressive and opulent contenders for this title. One would have to break down the models into different categories, and then put a finger on the best model in that category.

As stated above the Landcruiser with Outback dual-tank conversion, is an all-time favourite. As a strong contender for the title of best 2013 SUV, the SUV's durability and reliability are such that it literally becomes a family-choice car. However, running the Landcruiser is not budget-friendly. Even though it is a diesel operated vehicle, it guzzles gas, and its depreciation value is not all that much. Since the vehicle is so popular and so much in demand, the manufacturers have not found the need to make any important changes either inside, or on the exterior of the vehicle. Among the smaller versions of SUV's, the Ford Escape and Toyota Rav4, would stand head to head. The Ford Escape with its new 2013 look, still retains its reliability and delivers a good mileage in its two models of 1.6L and 2.0L. In respect of the Toyota Rav4, this vehicle also has a new 2013 look, and it continues to meet demands for reliability and great performance. Both SUV's are fuel efficient, and easy on the pocket. An SUV that would more serve the laid-back community, would be the Jeep Grand Cherokee - a rough and tough jeep that can traverse any terrain. The new 2013 diesel-operated model in this Jeep Grand Cherokee, is welcome. It can travel anywhere, and has models in different HP, in a range of prices.

Manufacturers of salon cars are now going in for SUV versions of their salon models. Lamborghini will soon unveil an SUV version in Beijing. The reason behind their choice of an SUV design, is because certain countries are more into buying bigger cars. Not lagging behind are the Porsche manufacturers. Their new SUV will be called the Porsche Cajun. Maserati is also scheduled to unveil its new super model SUV - with the famous Ferrari V8 engine, resulting in a top speed of 450 hp. General Motors has its 2013 Chevrolet Malibu ready, waiting to hit the dealer stores.

There are probably many other big and well known car manufacturers planning to introduce newer and better SUV's in the market. The above mentioned SUV's though, are at the moment, occupying the 2013 best SUV slots.

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