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 One may find that the windshield wiper blades on the car may not be working as well as they used to. If this is the case, then it is well advised to replace the existing worn out wiper blades with a new pair. Ideally, it is vitally important to replace the windshield wiper blades on one's car after every six months, which translates to roughly twice a year. It is not advisable to wait until the wipers are completely worn out since one may be forced to replace them especially if it rains and the wiper blades fail to function as they should. Worn out wipers cannot effectively, remove water from the windshield and this is dangerous since the car owner will have low visibility when driving on a rainy day.

Wiper blade inspection should be listed as an important activity to be carried out when the car goes in for its routine maintenance. Any signs of wear and tear on the wiper blades should be looked at and if a replacement is in order, one should be undertaken. Changing them is not a difficult task. However, one needs to be careful while handling windshield wipers. This is because, since the wiper arm is made of metal and the windshield of glass, ineptness could lead to a scratched or a cracked wind shield. To prevent the occurrence of such accidents, it is advisable to place a cloth or an old T-shirt on the windshield when replacing the wiper blades.

Thus, it is advisable to replace the wiper blades in the store where the purchase is done. This is because the car owner may require and receive assistance while looking to replace them on the car. Additionally, it is possible to compare different kinds of wipers prior to settling on the most ideal. With wipers, the car owner may opt for a refill as opposed to replacing the entire blade. Still, this may only occur in instances where the rubber parts of the blade are worn out and there is need to replace them. Worn out wipers should be removed before the new ones are fixed. This is done by first lifting the wiper arm off the wind shield. This way it is easier to work on them. The wiper blades then need to be detached from the wiper arm by pressing or sliding the release tab connecting the two and finally pulling to separate them.

Sometimes, the wiper arm may snap back and hit the wind shield. It is therefore important to rest the wiper arm against the windshield while waiting to install new wipers. In order to properly install the new wipers, the car owner should make sure that they correctly follow the set of directions attached to the new wiper blades. Once the wipers have been installed, they should be tested to ascertain that they function as they are supposed to. It is important to have a flat head screw driver on hand when changing wind shield wiper blades.

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