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 Now if you are like most of us, you probably have a couple or even a handful of devices that can be charged through a USB port. The great majority of the civilized world has cellular phones and MP3 players such as the iPod, or combos like the iPhone, maybe even a portable tablet PC like the iPad; in other words, you most likely have some portable electronic gadget that runs on a battery. But when you are out on the go doing your daily duties away from home and your power-hungry device runs low on juice, then what?

You need a battery charger, and fortunately there are a few low buck options to help you out if you've spent all your disposable income on your precious gadget. To help those who may be looking for similar accessories I have diligently scoured the Internet and found a few possibilities that are the most portable, pocketbook-friendly, and feature-packed chargers out there. In my search I was looking for something that could be both an AC charger but doubles also as a DC charger (car cigarette lighter) because who wants to pay twice for the same basic device?

The following products are all available on Amazon:

Speck Products RoadHome Charger - A USB and Universal GPS Charger for your Car or Home. This product is an all in one charger with a plug for a DC charger and a flip out AC plug on the back for any standard wall outlet. It has an already attached mini-USB cord. The downside to this product is that it is only for mini USB devices like certain GPS units or cell phones. There are mini-to-micro USB adapters available if you choose this device. Its compact size makes it great for carrying in a purse or storing in a glove box.

The next device I found is the AMP Energy Auto/AC Adapter. Like the Speck products Roadhome charger, it too has a plug for a DC charger in your vehicle and a flip out DC plug on the back for a standard wall outlet, plus a USB port. It has a USB port for plugging in a device's USB cable, allowing you to charge numerous USB chargeable devices. This product is a little larger than the speck products model but it has the ability to plug any USB cable into it and not a specific USB cable. This charger has a great size which makes it good for toting around with you in a backpack or center console of your car.

The other battery charger I came across is the DoubleUP AC / DC Dual USB Charger by Accessory Power. It also has a DC plug so it can be a car charger, which unlike the other two, folds inside itself, out of the way when not in use. It has the flip out AC plug for the standard wall plug also, and as a bonus, it has two USB ports for charging multiple items simultaneously. This is perfect for anyone that needs to charge a cell phone and iPod at the same time or maybe just your iPad. Unlike the other two USB chargers, the DoubleUP folds away to create a small, compact charger that you can store in any place easily.

So when you whenever you're out of your house, whether to work, to class, or even going on vacation, these USB battery charger are a great solution for having a handy charger to revitalize your battery in your time of need.

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