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Best 2013 Honda Accord - Receive a Sneek Peak at the New Hondas

 Honda has recently confirmed that the 2013 Honda Accord will be getting the company's latest connectivity system dubbed as the "HondaLink." In addition to this, other car models such as the 2013 Honda Crosstour, the 2013 Honda Fit EV, and the upcoming Plug-in Hybrid version of the Accord will also be getting this system.

Based on the information provided by Honda, the HondaLink system will include a number of useful as well entertaining features such as the audible updates from on Twitter and Facebook, Internet-based radio stations like Pandora, and audiobooks. In addition to those, HondaLink also enables the company's customers to stay connected with other people, music that they want to listen to, and the different types of media that they like without the need to use their cellphones.

In order to provide more user-friendly functions, Honda's personnel especially those who are involved in the development of the company's technologies placed the audio controls of the HondaLink on the vehicle's dash and other controls on the steering wheel. Aside from that, this HondaLink is also equipped with the voice-recognition function that makes it more manageable to operate.

Aside from the functions mentioned earlier, HondaLink can also be had with a smartphone application that enables vehicle owners to manage the system's contents in their phones and use the stored information the next time they drive their cars.

Honda has also provided some hints that the HondaLink will be offered in two versions. The first version will be used on the 2013 Honda Accord as well as on the other gas-powered models that the company would be producing. This version offers the features provided earlier and possibly a number of additional items that Honda's engineers would be adding soon.

The second version of the system will be dubbed as the HondaLink EV system and this will be used on the hybrid and electric car models such as the upcoming version of the Accord Plug-in Hybrid and the 2013 Honda Fit EV. This version will still provide the features that were previously mentioned as well as added information about charging stations for EVs, the vehicle's driving range, and activate the vehicle's heater and air conditioning through the application created for the HondaLink EV system.

Now that Honda has finalized the use of the HondaLink in most of its models, this is expected to compete with the connectivity systems offered by other car makers particularly Hyundai's Blue Link, Ford's Sync, and Toyota's Entune.

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