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Best 2013 Silverado Chevy | 2013 Silverado Truck

Best 2013 Chevy Silverado - The Top Chevy Silverado Trucks

 For the most part, the 2013 Chevy Silverado remains the same vehicle it was in the '12 season. There are a few notable differences in what is available for interior accessories. There are still the same trim packages, body styles, and engines as before. Although it remains largely untouched, these trucks are still more than capable of competing with both the Ford F-series and Dodge Ram. Since the major redesign of these trucks in the mid 2000's, they have seen increased frame strength and a much improved interior quality.

Chevy offers a regular cab, extended cab, and crew cab. The regular cab only has two doors with front bucket or bench seats and minimal rear space behind those seats. Extended cabs have rear doors that can only be opened when the front doors are. Crew cabs offer a great amount of interior space along with 2 rear doors that operate independently of the front ones. Extended cabs offer a decent amount of rear leg room for passengers, but optimal comfort comes with the crew cab, where rear passengers can fully extend there lower appendages. Both extended and crew cabs have rear seats that fold.

Engines offered include a 4.2 liter V-6 with 195 horsepower, a 4.8 liter V-8 capable of 302 horsepower, a 5.3 liter V-8 putting out 315 horsepower, and larger models beyond the half ton have an optional 6.2 liter V-8. All 2013 Chevy Silverados equipped with a V-8 engine are capable of running on E-85 fuel. The V-6 and smaller V-8 engine come with an automatic 4 speed transmission, while all other engine types come standard with a 5 speed automatic. Also available is a 6.0 liter hybrid V-8 that utilizes both a gasoline, and an electric engine. The electric engine does add a little bit of weight to these trucks, and reducing overall towing capacities to 6,100 pounds.

Trim packages available are still the Basic work models, LT, LS, LTZ, and Z71. Basic trucks come with regular cabs and limited accessories. LS models are the mid-level package coming in both regular and extended cabs. An LS truck will have AC, power windows and locks, optional CD players and 2 or 4 wheel drive. Every vehicle has standard rear wheel drive. The LTZ package is Chevy's all out luxury model offering leather upholstery, enhanced center consoles, extended and crew cabs, USB Jacks, and many other options. Z71 models are the off-road packages that come with raised bodies, larger tires, and strengthened suspension parts. Consumers should note that there are there different suspension packages offered for the 2013 Chevy Silverado. There is the standard package that comes on the lower end models, a street package designed for speed and highway driving, and an off-road suspension.

Compared with it's competitors, the Silverado is still a class leader in fuel economy. While Ford boasts it has the best fuel consumption rates, more Chevy packages come out ahead in most cases. Overall consumers can expect between 14 and 20 mpg city or highway driving for gasoline engines, with smaller engines getting the better fuel economy. Hybrid models can push into the low 20's for mpg.

Even without changing much, Chevy can still boast that the Silverado out-competes and leads it's class in many categories. Ride quality and frame strength are some of the best available for pickups, and compared with a F150 the towing capacities are almost identical. Silverados come in a great selection of styles and packages starting at very reasonable prices. For what these trucks offer, consumers looking for a solid reliable work truck should truly consider one of the Silverados offered for 2013.

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