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  The Best Car Repair or Auto Repair 2013 

The Best Auto Repair 2013

The Best Auto Repair: How to Repair a Car or Truck? Or Car Power Window Repair On Your Own

 Even though car power windows function really well because they are designed to be automated so that they go up and down with the simple press of a button, they can also be subject to auto repair. There will be times when you press the button and find out that the car power windows aren't working. There are a lot of reasons for this. Read on so that you'll know how to handle this type of auto repair on your own.

Before we dive into the steps of fixing your car's power windows, we must first take a look at the different reasons why they malfunction. First among the most common reasons for this would be accumulated debris around the switch, which disrupt the windows from opening and closing. Next, the fuse boxes situated underneath the dashboard could have also gone faulty leading to this problem. You can easily identify this by looking for a broken metal strip inside the fuse box. If both the switch and fuse box are fine but the car windows are still not responding to the switch, then there must be some problem with the wiring connected to the fuse box. Loose connections are a common reason for a lot of electrical circuit failures. Other possible reasons for this kind of problem include a malfunctioning electrical motor and faulty car window regulators.

Let's now proceed to the steps you need to follow if you want to fix the problem on your own.

1. Remove the door panel of the window that needs repair so you can check the window regulator and motor.

2. Look for the bolts holding the regulator of the window and remove them. Disconnect the wiring and replace it with a new one in case the old window regulator is broken.

3. If there's nothing wrong with the window regulator, check for the presence of loose connections in the power window's wiring. If they're okay, it may be that there's something wrong with the electrical motor. Test the functionality of your window's motor by using a multimeter. If the multimeter shows infinite resistance and zero current, this indicates that your motor is broken and it needs to be replaced.

4. Once your finished diagnosing the problem of your windows, do what you need to do to fix it (replace the motor, regulator, wiring, or fuse). Tighten the bolts and put the moisture barrier back on.

5. Reinstall the door panel and test if the window is working well again by pressing the switch.

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